Monday, April 28, 2008

A Stormy Day

8x10 cotton canvas panel
$200 (email me if interested) Sold

I took this photo in Taos, New Mexico when I was there for an art workshop with Don Ward. After our painting session, I drove around taking some photos for later date paintings. A storm was about to roll in. I was fascinated by the way the atmosphere made all the colors intensified, especially the pink truck and the mountains in the background. I am not used to painting with such intense colors in my landscapes, so I was really anxious to see if I could capture the hues caused by the stormy weather. I really liked pushing myself to use these colors. This is the same truck I did in a smaller 6x8 format titled Taos Truck.

1 comment:

missknits said...

wow beautiful! so much talent. i love the use of color, especially in the truck. wonderful!