Saturday, May 30, 2009

After the Rain- Canyon Lake

24x36 oil on stretched cotton canvas
$650 (email me if interested)
While my son was home on leave, Jim, Justin and I took him to the lake to do some fishing. I cooked hamburgers and took pictures. The day was very overcast and it was late in the evening. They didn't get a bite but I got some interesting pics. When I am painting I have to remind myself to use stronger highlights. Because of the late evening and overcast there were no strong shadows. I wanted to keep that overcast feeling.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

San Jose Mission courtyard

20x24 oil on stretched cotton canvas
$600 (email me if interested)
The hardest part was making sure I had the arches correct. I still have a tendency to paint shadows the same violet color no matter what they are cast on. I am taking a workshop in August from Robin Hall on color theory. I am excited about learning how to work with my coloring. All and all I am happy with the painting.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Magnolia Cafe

8x8 oil on stretched cotton canvas
$100 unframed (email me if interested)SOLD
Another painting in my series of Austin Landmarks. Magnolia Cafe is located on South Congress (SoCo). It is open 24 hours with a massive menu and wonderful food made with fresh ingredients. Last time I was there my daughter and I shared the best Queso dip topped with avocado slices that I have ever tasted and I have eaten a lot of Queso dip.
I have also started a larger painting so the Austin paintings are on hold for a few days or maybe weeks, depending.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Uncommon Objects

8x8 oil on stretched cotton canvas
$100 unframed (email me if interested)SOLD

The third installment of my Austin Landmarks.Uncommon Objects is a shop full of found objects that are displayed so creatively its almost like walking through a fun funky art gallery. The fiberglass rabbit was rescued from a dump in Dallas and the cowboy was made from a car muffler. This sculpture was produced around 1992 by Evan Voyles whose other creations are scattered around Austin. This is only one of the many landmark art that makes Austin quirky.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hotel San Jose

8x8 oil on stretched cotton canvas
$100 unframed (email me if interested)SOLD
This is the second painting in my series of Austin landmarks. The Hotel San Jose built in 1939 is located on South Congress. It is an urban bungalow-style hotel. It is rumored this is where all the celebrities like to stay when in town.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Amy's Ice Cream

8x8 oil on stretched canvas
$100 unframed (email me if interested)SOLD
I am painting a series of Austin landmarks on 8x8 canvas that is 1 1/2" thick. I have decided they would look the best in a floater frame. I am going to get Jim to make me some frames as soon as I am through. So for I am thinking there will be 12. They could be left unframed as I painted the sides too. My daughter has lived in Austin for ten years. Over the years she has introduced me to a city full of art and culture. "Austinites" take pride in being different in their lifestyles. They have adopted a motto, "Keep Austin Weird" which refers partly to their eclectic lifestyles and also for a campaign that preserves and supports small independent businesses. This is what I wanted to represent in my paintings. Thanks Kristen!