Tuesday, June 3, 2008


8x10 oil on canvas panel
$150 (email me if interested)
I finished the mural and was anxious to get back to painting with oils. I used acrylics on a poly canvas. I did not like it! It was like painting on cement. I had to scrub the paint on and the acrylics were hard to blend because they dried to fast. Although, I am pleased the way it turned out. We will be installing it this afternoon. I will take some pictures when it is installed. Meanwhile I painted this
8x10 of some old books I had. I wanted to try and capture the softness of the faded colors. I also found a cigar box of old metal toys in the attic and wanted to include them. I would like to do a series of these toys. They have such beautiful soft colors to them. I found by mixing a color's complementary to it I could achieve this soft aged color.

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