Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sacred Grounds

16x20 oil on stretched cotton canvas
$450 (email me if interested)

Again, I pushed myself to use more than local colors. I am really happy with this painting. I believe I have made a break through with my painting. I am anxious to get started on another one. I have so many potential paintings floating around in my head. I like the simplicity and the play of shadows across the adobe walls. This is the back of the most painted church, Rancho de Taos Church. It is the curved freeform lines and shapes of the walls against the big blue sky of New Mexico that attracts so many artist and photographers.


Dean H. said...

Hi Kim...I like your use of color in this one. I have been "pushing" the color in mine for quite some time now.

Caroline said...

Your paintings are amazing! I'm so glad you were on Empty Easel or I wouldn't have known about your gorgeous art.
Caroline (another Texan)

kim shields said...

Thank you Caroline for looking at my work. It always feels good for someone else to notice ones work.