Friday, May 21, 2010

Dancing Cypress on Frio River

20x24 oil on stretched cotton canvas
$600 (email me if interested)
I really wanted to emphasize the cypress roots in the water so I thought by putting the horizon in the top part of the painting I could use majority of the space on the water's edge. I am really pleased with the outcome using this composition. I have been preparing to hang some of my paintings at Magnolia Cafe in Austin the first of June. I am making my own floater frames. This is very time consuming with cutting, assembling, painting and sanding. I am ready to be finished so I can get back to painting. I have some ideas for paintings in my head I am anxious to get started (hopefully soon).


Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Kim!... This is an exceptionally well executed landscape!

"I" love the composition... the bright colour... and most especially the treatment of your water... very convincing!

This one will surely be a "red dot"!

Good Painting!
Waerm regards,
Bruce Sherman

Diana Marshall said...

I love this painting, the translucency of the water is just wonderful,such a calm but interesting painting.
I was interested to hear that you made your own floater frames, I would be very interested to know how you made them. I am exhibiting some of my work soon and I'd like to cut the cost of framing by framing them myself.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I wish I had 600 bucks. This is beautiful! I think your choice to put the horizon high is very effective. But of course, so is your treatment of the water. I wanna get in it! ;-)

rahiosky said...

I am not quite sure how I cam across your blog, but I was looking at some
of your ideas and then read over to your profile - I too am a mom of two sets of twins
( 5yr old boys and 19 mo. old girls). I am amazed at how you find the time - you have awesome creativity -
I am curious about your dresser turned entertainment center. God Bless!

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Phu Nguyen said...

I think you'll love it!Thanks!


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