Saturday, January 3, 2009

Maverick Plaza at La Villita

6x8 oil on cotton canvas panel
$100 (email me if interested)

This courtyard is to the right of the gallery, Susan Carlin Art Studio & Gallery, in San Antonio where I have some work hanging. At least it was the view until they removed the bougainvilleas for the winter. I really wanted to capture the sun hitting the water coming from the fountain. It was sparkling. I used a palette knife to add an extra mix of cad yellow light and titanium white at the very end of painting. My photos of my paintings never seem to capture my colors in a true fashion. I don't know what I do wrong as far as photography. I am going to keep working at it because I like to make note cards of my paintings for the gallery.

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Celeste Bergin said...

there doesn't look to be anything you can't paint! the warm sun. It is a complex scene and you did it justice.