Sunday, September 7, 2008

Big Bend National Park #2

8x10 oil on canvas cotton panel
$250 (email me if interested)

It has been several years since I took these photos of our family trip to Big Bend. Because of that, I don't remember much of the exact locations in the park. I wasn't painting at the time the pictures were taken but as I look at the photos I feel like somewhere in my sub conscience I knew I would eventually paint them. In this painting I really like the sky color. It makes the orange color of the cliff pop. I used thalo blue. I seem to shy away from that color because it is so strong. It doesn't take much, I barely touched it to mix with the white.

I use photos alot to paint from. Not that I perfer that method, I just haven't had a lot of opportunities to paint plein aire. I am a little shy about getting out and painting where other people may see me painting. I have taken a couple of workshops where we painted plein aire. It was hard for me because I feel as if someone is going to tell me I am doing it all wrong. But really, is there a wrong way to paint?
My big test is coming up at the end of this month. Jim and I are taking a couple of weeks and driving to Colorado. I am taking my paints and he is taking his custom motorcycle our son built for him. He will take day rides in the mountains and I will paint the mountains.

If anyone reading this is a motorcycle nut like my guys, take a look at my son's website He is very talented. He designs and builds the frame, gas tank, fenders, handlebars,coil cover, battery case, paints the bike and makes the seats. There aren't very many builders out there that can say they do it all themselves.


Kellie Hill said...

This is so beautiful! I see what you mean about the sky being so lovely, but I think you got all of the colors perfect here, the warmth of the rocks, the muted but abundant vegetation... *happy sigh*

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Hi Kim. This is a very strong painting! The composition is super and the rocks in shadow make the lights colors, too.