Saturday, December 22, 2007

I have been tagged!

Savannah Home

Joanne, sorry about the delay in responding to your tag. am thrilled to get your tag, I have been visiting my son who is in the Air Force at Charleston, SC. He wasn't able to come home for Christmas so my Mom and I went to him. We stopped in Savannah and Beaufort, SC to see the beautiful old homes along the coastal waterways.

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Here are 5 things about me:
1. Jim and I spent six weeks on a motorcycle traveling from Texas to the west coast and back.
2. I once raced in a powderpuff motorcross.
3. I ran all the electrical wires and pvc pipe in our house, of course with directions from Jim.
4. I owned and ran a liquor store for seven years, two years ago we sold it so I could paint full time.
5. In 1993, while teaching high school art, I was able to take some classes at the Savannah School of Art and Design.

You are tagged:
Jennifer Bellinger
Sandra Flood
Chris Bivins
Michael Naples
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Joanne said...

Hi Kim,
So glad you could go to visit your son at Christmas! I am also very glad that you are now painting full time. I am looking forward to seeing your work in 2008. Till next time...